"Yuan Yang" – Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Recently it has been cold and rainy. So I have decided to make some Hong Kong Style Milk Tea to warm myself up.

Milk tea is a popular part of many Cantonese people’s daily lives, not only served as part of afternoon tea, but also at breakfast or dinner. There are different types of Hong Kong milk tea such as “Silk Stocking” and tea with condensed milk.

The milk tea I am going to make is called “Yuan Yang” (mandarin duck), which is a mix of milk tea and coffee. In China, mandarin duck represents love and life-time couple. That is why the drink is called “Yuan Yang”, a different but very tasty combination of milk-tea and coffee.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

1 red tea bag
50ml fresh milk
1tsp coffee
1tsp sugar



  1. Put the red tea bag in a cup / glass, add 250ml of just boiled water. Keep the tea bag in for about 90 seconds then take it out.
  2. Pour the milk in to the red tea, mix well.
  3. Put 1 tsp of coffee in an other cup / glass, add 100ml boiled water and 1 tsp of sugar, mix well.
  4. Pour the coffee into the milk tea, mix well.
You can drink it hot, or wait for it to cool down and put some ice in if you prefer cold drinks.

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