Special Occasions

Spring Wrap

Spring Wrap

Today is the second day of the second month in the lunar calender, a traditional Chinese Festival. It is literally referred to as “Dragon rises its head” (lóng tái tóu, 龙抬头). Starting on this day, everything is waking up, Spring is here and the weather gets warmer. My father told me when he was small, in […]

Laba Festival - 腊八

Laba Festival – 腊八

Laba Festival (腊八节Làbā jié) is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the eighth day of the twelfth month of the lunar Chinese calendar (La Yue). Laba Festival was originally an occasion for people to give sacrifices to their ancestors, and to pray to heaven and earth for a good harvest and good luck for the family. Now […]

Dumplings - Jiao Zi

Dumplings – Jiao Zi

Today is Winter Solstice, a traditional Chinese festival. It is one of my favorite festivals during the year, because we are going to have dumplings for today!   Dumplings are the most essential and popular food for Winter Solstice, especially in northern China. There is a legend that Zhang Zhongjing, a renowned medical scientist at the […]